Lower Extremity Prosthetics

Lower extremity prosthetics are designed and fitted to treat limb loss of the hip, upper and lower leg, knee, ankle and feet. Valley Orthotics & Prosthetics in Puyallup specializes and fits these artificial limbs and lower extremity prosthetics in-house using the latest technology and years of hands on experience.

We work with patients with new limb loss as well as those with many years of limb loss and treatment.

Valley Orthotics & Prosthetics practitioners are experts in the following lower extremity prosthetics:

  • Transtibial Prosthetics
  • Transfemoral Prosthetics
  • Partial Foot Prosthetics
  • Knee Disarticulation Prosthetics
  • Hip Disarticulation Prosthetics

seattle-orthotic-prostheticWe understand your orthotic and prosthetic needs. We ensure each patient’s needs are met to exceed their every expectations.